Short Courses on Marine Data Literacy

Are you struggling to find and use the data needed for your project? Why do you have to do it by trial and error, wasting time to learn on your own, and without getting the full picture, resources and competence? If you are seeking to consolidate your skills in applying data and the scientific method in your research and work, then this is the course that you need. It is completely free to join. The course appeals to students and to persons already engaged in their work environments to benefit in the application of data in their specialised endeavours.

As we increasingly recognize that academic and human resource development fitting the challenges of a knowledge-based society are essential to boosting qualified professionals who drive our sustainable relationship with the earth and oceans, there is a growing need to qualify the skills of students and specialists in the efficient handling of data,. This evolving scenario elevates the value of data and its transformation into information and knowledge in the context of the digital age, spearheading the evolution of data services, products and knowledge sharing to match stakeholder demands, and boosting research and innovation applications. Against this background SEA-EU ( is offering this intensive course dedicated to data harvesting and harnessing, namely to raise your level of literacy in the use of data.  The course showcases the merging of academic excellence across the SEA-EU alliance universities to offer a unique cross-university experience, through a joint delivery, exchange and teamwork targeting participants from different European countries and beyond.    

The focus will be on data relevant to marine sciences and applications, but also relates to other disciplines in general, where the proficient use of data is imperious such as in engineering, IT, earth sciences, geography, environmental management and other areas of study that rely on the specialised use of data.

To register visit and choose Data Literacy Course or just link HERE to the course website for more information.

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