First Maltese led COST funded action among 40 brand new COST Actions starting in 2018

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It has just been announced that CA17115 MyWAVE European network for advancing ElectroMagnetic hyperthermic medical technologies is the first Maltese led COST action proposal to be funded by the COST Association. The co-ordinator isDr Lourdes Farrugia from the Electromagnetics Research Group led by Prof Charles Sammut  in the Department of Physics ,  Faculty of Science. The proposal was submitted in collaboration with Dr Emily Porter (NUI-Galway).

This COST action is among 40 new COST actions to be just announced. COST is an EU funded networking activity which allows the networking of research on a European level. It facilitates research between scientific communities in different countries and also increases the mobility of researchers across Europe through the setting up of COST actions.

COST fosters the establishment of scientific networks across all areas of research from humanities to basic sciences. It is suitable not only for academics but also for representatives from SMEs, NGOs and public entities. COST actions are thus ‘bottom-up’ approaches to research and will fund networking meetings (usually twice per year), short term scientific missions, training schools and publications.  It leads to excellent contacts and can also lead to preparation for future grant proposals.It is also particularly suitable for early stage researchers as well. Nomination process is all handled on a national level with minimal administration involved. In total six of the 40 new COST actions already include researchers from Malta.

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